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Choosing Medicare Health Insurance for Seniors

The Original Medicare Plan, or Part A and Part B coverage, is a federally managed fee-for-service plan. Beneficiaries can choose the doctor and hospital from which they would like to receive services. Monthly premiums, annual deductibles and co-payments for services are required. Prescription drug coverage, or Medicare Part D, may be added to the Original Medicare Plan. Many beneficiaries covered by the Original Medicare Plan find they also need the Medigap policy to help pay for services not covered by Part A and Part B.

Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C) provides Part A and Part B coverage, but this coverage is provided by private insurance companies that have been approved by Medicare. Because private companies provide this coverage, additional benefits may be available. Additionally, the amounts charged for various services may differ between providers. Part C plans may have networks, and the beneficiary will have to utilize the services of providers in the plan’s network. Prescription drug coverage is often included in this plan. Beneficiaries of Medicare Part C do not need to purchase Medigap coverage. When choosing a Medicare health plan it is important to determine what is expected from the insurance coverage. It would be advantageous for beneficiaries to compare and select coverage based on the plan that will best meet their individual needs.