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Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans

Aetna Medicare Basic, Standard and Premier HMO are Medicare Advantage Health Maintenance Organization plans that offers broad coverage. Benefits include prescription drug coverage, no or an affordable monthly premium, choice of primary care physician in the plan network, and affordable copayments for doctor visits and annual routine physicals.

Aetna Medicare Premier PPO is a Medicare Advantage Preferred Provider Organization plan that gives you freedom to choose which doctors, specialists, and hospitals you visit. Benefits include affordable monthly plan premiums, referral free visits to specialists, prescription drug coverage, and emergency coverage anywhere in the world.

To enroll in a plan, you must be eligible for Medicare Part A and B. You usually pay one monthly premium to the Medicare Advantage plan, if any, and continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium, unless otherwise paid for under Medicaid or by another third party. Medicare Advantage enrollment periods

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Annual Enrollment Period October 15 – December 7

Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans

Aetna Medicare Supplement plans, also known as Medigap, offer you freedom to choose any doctor or specialist who accepts Medicare, with no referral needed. Medicare Supplemental insurance coverage varies depending on where you live and which plan you select. Part D, dental and vision are not included. Plan F is the most popular plan.

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