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 Humana Medicare Advantage Plans

Humana Gold Plus HMO is a Medicare Advantage Health Maintenance Organization plan that offers broad coverage. Benefits include prescription drug coverage, no or an affordable monthly premium, choice of primary care physician in the plan network, and affordable copayments for doctor visits and annual routine physicals.

Humana Choice PPO is a Medicare Advantage Preferred Provider Organization plan that gives you freedom to choose which doctors, specialists, and hospitals you visit. Benefits include affordable monthly plan premiums, referral free visits to specialists, prescription drug coverage, and emergency coverage anywhere in the world.

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Humana Medicare Plans

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Humana Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans RX Plans

Humana Prescription Drug plans include the PDP Standard, the PDP Enhanced, and the PDP Complete. The PDP Standard is the basic plan if your need for prescription drugs is minimal. PDP Standard provides basic drug coverage for people with Medicare. The PDP Enhanced plan is for those who are considered “in the middle” and need to take care of a few chronic conditions. The PDP Complete plan is for those who live with several chronic conditions and need a comprehensive plan that helps lower the costs of prescription drugs.

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Humana Medicare Supplement Plans

Humana offers Medicare Supplement Plans A, B, C, F, K, and L.

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Humana began in 1961 as a nursing home and evolved in 1972 from a chain of nursing homes into a hospital when founder David Jones and Wendell Cherry acquired a hospital. In 1980, Humana (formally known as “Extendicare”) became the world’s largest hospital in the world. Humana also played a role in the development of the artificial heart with Dr. Robert Jarvik and Dr. William DeVries. In 1984, Humana developed a new division to create and market health insurance products.

Humana offers a wide array of Medicare Health Insurance products and services. Their Medicare prescription drug plans have ranked highest in overall member satisfaction by J.D. Power and Associates and they have received an accreditation status of Excellent for their HMO plans by the NCQA.

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