2010 Medicare Supplement Benefit Chart

 New June 2010 Modernized Plan Chart
2010 Medicare Supplement Benefit A B C D E F* G H I J* K L
Medicare Part A Coinsurance and MediGap Coverage for Hospital Benefits
Medicare Part B Coinsurance or Co-payment 50% 75%
Blood (First Three Pints) 50% 75%
Hospice Care Coinsurance or Co-payment                     50% 75%
Skilled Nursing Coinsurance     50% 75%
Medicare Part A Deductible      
Medicare Part B Deductible                  
Medicare Part B Excess Charges           80%      
Foreign Travel Emergency (Up to Plan Limits)        
At-Home Recovery (Up to Plan Limits)                
Preventive Care Coinsurance (Included in the Part B Coinsurance)
Preventive Care not Covered by Medicare (up to $120)                    
2010 out-of-pocket limit: $4,620** $2,310**
*Medicare Supplement Plans F and J also have a high deductible option. We don’t recommend the high deductible plans. If you select the high deductible plans you have to pay the first $2,000 (deductible in 2010) in MediGap-covered costs before the MediGap policy pays anything. You must also pay a separate deductible for foreign travel emergency ($250 per year).**After you meet your out-of-pocket yearly limit and your $155 yearly Part B deductible, the plan pays 100% of covered services for the rest of the calendar year.

Basic Benefits

• Coinsurance for days 61-90 ($283 per day) and days 91-150 ($566 per day) in hospital

• Payment in full for 365 additional hospital days

• 20% coinsurance for physician and other Medicare Part B services

Medicare Part A Hospital Deductible

• The 2011 deductible is $1132

Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Coinsurance

• $141.50 a day for days 21-100 in a Skilled Nursing Facility in 2011

Medicare Part B Yearly Deductible

• The 2011 deductible is $162

Medicare Part B Excess Charges

• Difference between doctor’s charge and Medicare’s approved amount

• Up to 15% above the Medicare approved charge which is the doctor’s maximum charge

Foreign Travel Emergency

• Pays 80% of the cost of emergency care during the first two months of each trip after you pay a $250 deductible

• Lifetime maximum of $50,000

At-Home Recovery

• While receiving skilled home care, extra home health aide visits

• Home health aides up to 40 visits after skilled care is no longer needed

• Maximum of $40 per visit to 40 visits per year, for total of $1,600 per year

Preventive Care

• Up to $120 per year for preventive services ordered by doctor

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