Arizona CareMore Medicare Advantage HMO Plans

CareMore offers a variety of health plans for Medicare beneficiaries including plans for low-income seniors, people with chronic illnesses and those living in skilled nursing facilities. CareMore’s easy to understand plans and benefits ensure you’ll get a plan that fits your lifestyle and budget. With excellent physicians and hospitals to choose from you’ll finally get the healthcare you deserve.



Annual Enrollment Period October 15 – December 7
Questions? Need Help? Call Rick Plata 1-888-235-8060

Providers please call 1-800-499-2793


CareMore started over 15 years caring for seniors as a Medical Group. The name “CareMore” embodied the philosophy that inspired a proactive model of care with a caring touch and a focus on wellness.

Years later, CareMore began serving seniors as a Health Plan and continues to do so today through their Provider partners and as a Medical Group. CareMore is dedicated to the senior market in 3 states and have plans for future expansion.

 Questions? Need Help? Call 1-888-235-8060

Existing members and providers call 1-800-499-2793

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