Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Options

With an Anthem Medicare plan, you’re free to choose the plan that best fits your goals and lifestyle. A plan that’s exactly you. So first, take a moment or two and think about what concerns you most? Is it cost? The freedom to choose any doctor you like? Sheer simplicity? Whatever you have in mind, we’ll help you find the plan that’s best for you.

First, where do you fit in?

Saving on health care dollars is my top priority.

Anthem Medicare Advantage HMO Plans offer low or no monthly premiums, low or no copayments and no deductibles so your dollars can really stretch.

I like to get away from time to time, so I need a plan that can travel with me.

Anthem Medicare Advantage PPO Plans offer low or no monthly premiums and give you the freedom to choose any doctor without referral.

I love the Flexibility of choosing my own doctor or hospital.

Anthem Medicare Supplement Plans allow you to see any doctor that is Medicare approved. How’s that for freedom?

I’m only interested in a Prescription Drug Plan.

You have a choice of Anthem Medicare Prescription Drug Plans(Part D), all designed to fit your specific needs and budgets.

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